Blog: Email archiving

Don't put all your eggs in the same basket

08. 02. 2023

Did you know that files and services that are only with one provider have a 3 times higher risk of data loss? Microsoft proved it on January 25th, 2023, when several services such as Outlook, Teams and Exchange were unavailable. Numerous companies w...

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Step by step to secure and structured e-mail security

26. 01. 2023

Do you value a full backup? Does it bother you when employees delete emails before they're backed up? Worst case would be if emails are not included in a backup and can be restored? A complete and reliable backup, especially when it comes to emails ...

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Webinar: Does it bother you when employees delete emails?

16. 01. 2023

Does it bother you when employees delete emails before they've been backed up? Why backing up emails is not enough and why emails without email archiving are much more susceptible to CryptoLocker? We discuss all these topics in our webinar for decisi...

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5 tips to protect your emails against ransomware

15. 12. 2022

Email is used every day by businesses and individuals to send and receive data. This has been proven to make e-mails the number 1 gateway for ransomware. Ransomware is a serious threat that has the potential to permanently damage businesses and indiv...

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The security risks of not having an email archiving system in place

14. 11. 2022

In today's business world, email is one of the most important tools for communication. However, email can also be one of the biggest security risks for businesses. There are a number of security risks associated with not having an email archiving sys...

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Email Archiving: Why You Need It and How MailVault Makes It Easy for You

08. 11. 2022

Email Archiving: Why You Need It and How MailVault Makes It Easy for You E-mail archiving is an important topic for every company, as it is not only required by law, but also makes a significant contribution to protection against cryptolockers. We a...

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Does it bother you when employees delete emails before they've been backed up?

10. 10. 2022

One click and the correspondence with the customer is irrevocably deleted. Agreements, negotiations and important details are gone in a few seconds. This example is not fiction, it is something that happens every day in companies.Threats from within,...

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This is what email archiving and insurance have in common

12. 09. 2022

Do you know what email archiving and insurance have in common? Both are required in the event of an emergency and some insurance policies, such as vehicle liability insurance, are required by law, as is e-mail archiving. "I don't need to because noth...

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System Administrator Appreciation Day 2022

29. 07. 2022

On today's SysAdminDay 2022, it's time again to thank the silent players in the company who ensure that small and large problems are solved every day and that the IT environment runs smoothly. Test, read and read a lot The areas of responsibility o...

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Crime as a Service (CaaS) - Purchased crime from the web

05. 07. 2022

Cybercrime cases are on the rise. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly easier to use the services offered to carry out cyberattacks. This method is called CaaS (Crime as a service). Ready-made cybercrime? Ransomware, the word that makes the ...

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The difference between backup and archiving

21. 06. 2022

The difference between backup and archive is often misunderstood in companies. In the area of data integrity and legal regulations, both for backup and for archiving of data, there are far-reaching differences for companies. A backup includes the ACT...

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The right email archiving strategy

02. 05. 2022

Choosing the right strategy for e-mail archiving contributes significantly to how efficient e-mail archiving ultimately is. Basically, two types are used for e-mail archiving: Mailbox archiving With mailbox archiving, e-mails are copied from the ma...

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How the GDPR affects Email Governance

08. 02. 2022

If you’re worried about how the GDPR will affect your email retention, consider how email archiving solutions can help you stay compliant while also mitigating the risk of losing important personal data due to human error and malicious atta...

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Testimony: My SMB got attacked by a ransomware

28. 09. 2021

One of our clients discloses all about the cyber-attack his company suffered. Wishing to remain anonymous to preserve his company's image with his own customers, he tells us his true story, the impact the ransomware had on his business, his mistakes...

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The importance of email archiving

16. 03. 2021

For most companies, email is an essential part of daily workflow and communications. However, many companies are unaware of the importance of archiving their emails and having a proper email retention strategy. Having a proper email retention strate...

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