Email Archiving: Why You Need It and How MailVault Makes It Easy for You

E-mail archiving is an important topic for every company, as it is not only required by law, but also makes a significant contribution to protection against cryptolockers. We already reported about it in detail in our blog. MailVault is a cloud-based email archiving solution that enables companies to archive their emails in an audit-proof manner. MailVault saves cost and time because it requires no configuration and is optimized for the Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace API.

Archive e-mails fully automatically and restore them in just a few seconds. Audit-proof archiving allows you to restore older versions of e-mails without the risk of them being deleted in the meantime, as is the case with a backup. MailVault requires no additional hardware or software costs. Email archiving is in the cloud and therefore accessible from anywhere, whether it's from a smartphone, MAC or Winwdows computer. All you need is Internet access and a browser to access the archive.

Archive e-mails for free with MailVault: This saves you money and gives you additional storage

Convince yourself and test all features of MailVault for 30 days completely free of charge. E-mail archiving can be so easy. In productive operation, you save storage space and system resources for your e-mail server, since e-mails are stored in the archive with up to 70% compression and are then removed from the e-mail server. The original e-mails still exist in the users' mailboxes and are only removed from the e-mail server's database. This keeps it performing well over the years without you having to make a costly upgrade.

MailVault - the easiest email archiving: Here's how to archive your emails without configuration

If you use the services of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, the e-mails are archived via API. All you have to do is provide the required API keys when registering so that your secure email archive is set up fully automatically for you. If you use a local Exchange, we will provide you with your own journal mailbox, which you can add to your Exchange server with just a few clicks.

Existing archives available in MailVault with one click

Do you already have existing archives from other solutions or archive files such as .pst? With just a few clicks, you can add the archives to the cloud-based email archive directly from your computer. After a short initialization, the e-mails are directly visible and appear in the full-text search.

MailVault is a secure and affordable solution to the email archiving problem.