Do you know what email archiving and insurance have in common? Both are required in the event of an emergency and some insurance policies, such as vehicle liability insurance, are required by law, as is e-mail archiving. "I don't need to because nothing has happened yet" is a popular but dangerous way of thinking.

The email archive is more than a legal requirement

The number of ransomware, CryptoLocker and cyberattacks is increasing significantly. Affected are state institutions, as well as large and smaller companies. Think of a cloud-based email archive as a form of insurance. You pay your monthly contribution and can be sure that help will be provided in an emergency.

Unlike with insurance companies, you do not need a hotline or a contact person, but with just a few clicks you have access to your complete e-mail database of current and e-mails from previous years. In an emergency, a backup will only help you to a limited extent or not at all! We have already reported on the basic differences between email archiving and backup.

In an emergency, all is lost

If you do not use an e-mail archive, in the worst case scenario all e-mails will be irretrievably deleted in the event of a cyberattack by a CryptoLocker. Which customer has to pay his bills? What payments do we still have to make as a company? What was discussed with development last year? Even if employees leave the company and delete business e-mails, you do not know what was agreed between the employee and your customers in the past.

These are just a few examples. Make yourself aware again that then really any email communication is inaccessible or non-existent. All theory? Read the experience report of an affected entrepreneur here. In fact, only the cloud-based applications and datasets were spared.

The advantages of email archiving outweigh the disadvantages

In addition to fulfilling legal requirements, you are doing your IT and all employees a favor.

  • Email recovery has never been easier, no matter how old the email is. With a short search and with one click everything is done. The e-mail conveniently ends up as a copy in your own mailbox.
  • Your IT can finally concentrate on important tasks and does not torment itself through backups in search of e-mails that are known next to nothing.
  • Happy employees with a higher productivity and an IT department that can concentrate on the essentials.
  • No initial investments and ongoing hardware, personnel and training costs are necessary.

Do you know your costs?

What are your actual costs per mailbox per month for using and storing your email? How expensive is local or online storage? The redundancy to continue to have access in an emergency? How much does the backup software, the storage media and the outsourcing of the data backup cost? The maintenance of the email server? The permanent memory and performance expansion of the servers?

You don't have to ask yourself any of these questions when you use MailVault's cloud-based email archive.

We know our costs!

With just €2.50 per mailbox and month, your emails are available fully automatically in the MailVault cloud email archive. No setup is necessary. Everything is automatically set up for you in the background.