The evolution of ransomware

30. 11. 2021

Since the first virus sent by email in 1999, technology has never stopped trying to catch up with cybercriminals' ingenuity and ability to renew treat tactics. We have gathered for you the most important virus, trojan or ransomware who has...

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Backups are in danger!

23. 11. 2021

Companies rely on their backup files when data or infrastructure are inoperative or missing (independently from the cause) to resume the activity. The recent pandemic has been a real "game changer" for data protection and backup strategy procedures...

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Email Relays: What you will need to know

09. 11. 2021

The growing threat of cybercrime within Email calls for robust countermeasures. But email is still of paramount importance, and one of the systems in this sphere is an Email Relay, which is very important for certain organizations. Email marketing ...

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Email spoofing: How to reduce the risks

26. 10. 2021

Attackers committing email spoofing typically start by finding a mail server with poorly configured servers that likely lack SMTP protection. Therefore, the best protection against email spoofing are frameworks that have been developed to authenticat...

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Why Important AAA Standards, such as MTA-STS, are Essential for Email Security

12. 10. 2021

Discover how the AAA security processes and protocols improve email security by protecting recipients, email senders, and domain owners from phishing attacks, spoofing, and spam. Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) is a security fra...

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Testimony: My SMB got attacked by a ransomware

28. 09. 2021

One of our clients discloses all about the cyber-attack his company suffered. Wishing to remain anonymous to preserve his company's image with his own customers, he tells us his true story, the impact the ransomware had on his business, his mistakes...

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The surge in native language phishing emails

21. 09. 2021

The first "Spear" in SpearPhishing is adapting the attack to the victim language, and this is a growing trend for phishing emails. According to Google’s research on who is being targeted by email phishing attacks, there were 18 million COVID-19-rela...

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How to avoid becoming a victim of email phishing scams

07. 09. 2021

The global pandemic has led to the historic transition to remote work. According to Gartner, once COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic, 88% of companies worldwide either made it compulsory or persuaded their employees to work from home. Unfortunat...

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What is a 3-2-1 backup strategy and what is it for?

24. 08. 2021

With the growing number of cyber-attacks and ransomware encrypting data and backup files, companies have no choice but to review their backup plans and implement the 3-2-1 backup strategy. The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy for full disaster protection Empl...

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What is Mailware and how to be aware

10. 08. 2021

For businesses, Mailware (portmanteau for Mail Malware) threats can leave vulnerable systems and data exposed and can cause major monetary and reputation losses. For businesses, attacks like malware threats can leave vulnerable systems and data expo...

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Email insider threats and how to defeat them

27. 07. 2021

While businesses and organizations focus their attention on stopping hackers outside the company from breaching their security defenses, very few have any kind of protection against insider threats. There are three major types of insider security th...

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Advantages of using an advanced email security system

13. 07. 2021

Cybersecurity is a growing priority in today’s increasingly digitally-reliant environment. How well you protect data online can mean the difference between successfully fending off threats from cyber attacks or becoming a victim that suffers signific...

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Best tips to keep your inbox clear of threats

29. 06. 2021

Email attacks are one of the most common cyber crimes. Hackers and other criminals employ different tactics like phishing and malware attacks to steal personal information and inflict financial damage. To keep your inbox clear of threats, you will n...

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Email vulnerabilities, threats & exploits: Why you should worry!

15. 06. 2021

Cyber-attacks and incidents used to be unknown for many businesses. Today, we have a completely different picture with a 600% cybercrime increase during the COVID-19 pandemic, now targeting 43% of SMBs. It is now a top concern to all companies, ...

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Why European countries need to have European cybersecurity solutions

01. 06. 2021

Why is the origin of an Email Security system important when choosing one to protect you? Email security and cybersecurity, in general, is one of the most certain industries where European countries working with EU-based companies only, does not sou...

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Exchange is not enough

18. 05. 2021

Microsoft has now focused on trying to make Microsoft 365 (previously Office365) impenetrable to security attacks. So, why do they keep missing new waves of phishing attacks? The great suite of Office productivity products, together with their othe...

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Why are different passwords and multi-factor authentication important?

04. 05. 2021

Microsoft Office 365, Exchange and Outlook are constantly targeted by sophisticated attacks that exploit its email ecosystem at the server and web client levels. Not only are these systems subject to malware and phishing coming through email commu...

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Why are SMBs under threat?

20. 04. 2021

With such big targets like large and well-established companies, cybercriminals have no reason to attack small and mid-sized businesses, right? Wrong. The truth is that the more unprepared companies are, even if profits seem fewer, the better they wi...

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Some stats on 2020 email threats

06. 04. 2021

The growing threat of cybercrime, from inside and outside the organization, calls for robust countermeasures. We take a look at some of the Status Quo from 2020, so that we can put our focus on what's needed to keep the cyberattackers at bay. The cy...

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Top 5 Trends in Email Security for 2021

30. 03. 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the rise of digital organizations as more people shifted to remote work. Suddenly, people were forced to work, study, and shop from home. But while digital offerings were safer for our health, the increase in online ...

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The importance of email archiving

16. 03. 2021

For most companies, email is an essential part of daily workflow and communications. However, many companies are unaware of the importance of archiving their emails and having a proper email retention strategy. Having a proper email retention strate...

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A basic view on Email Security

02. 03. 2021

Email is a common entry point for attackers looking to find a crack in a company’s network and obtain valuable data. So here’s a basic view on Email security and on how this discipline uses numerous techniques for keeping sensitive information in ema...

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