50 years of email problems

03. 05. 2022

1971: The email revolution A bit more than 50 years have passed since Ray Tomlinson sent the first email ever! It was in 1971.  "Tomlinson's email program brought a complete revolution and fundamentally changed the way people communi...

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The right email archiving strategy

02. 05. 2022

Choosing the right strategy for e-mail archiving contributes significantly to how efficient e-mail archiving ultimately is. Basically, two types are used for e-mail archiving: Mailbox archiving With mailbox archiving, e-mails are copied from the ma...

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What is realtime blacklist (RBL)

19. 04. 2022

As we know, spam can be more than annoying marketing campaigns; spam are vectors for phishing attempts and counterfeit messaging. That’s why Realtime Blackhole Lists (RBL) exist to serve the public interest and help Internet users mitigate cybersecur...

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Watch out for the third parties involved with your Email data

05. 04. 2022

Email continuity services help ensure that email messages are always delivered to the intended recipients even if there is a temporary disruption in email delivery from one provider to another. According to recent phishing statistics, 96% of phishin...

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Russia: A tradition of cyberattacks (Infographics)

22. 03. 2022

58% of cyberattacks come from Russia. The most famous of them are governmental espionage and sabotage, aiming different countries, but the major part of these attacks is targeting more vulnerable businesses, probably for their lack of ...

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The dangers of (only) using Microsoft Exchange

08. 03. 2022

Microsoft Exchange is the most attacked system in the world, not just because it is vulnerable but because it is the most used. Trusting in Microsoft 100%, without redundant security layers will increase your risk of being attacked. In July 2021, Mi...

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Cyberwar: Are you prepared for Putin's reaction?

05. 03. 2022

While Russian stroke a military attack on Ukraine less than a week ago, the war extends to non-military fields, but still strategical, such as transactional banking, energetic, media control (propaganda) including TV, radios and social media, and now...

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Email Security: The top 5 predictions for 2022

22. 02. 2022

2021 was yet another year full of infections. The damage by Malware and Fraud should keep going through this year with nuances, which we predict here. When we entered 2021, we had high hopes that we could leave behind the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortu...

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How the GDPR affects Email Governance

08. 02. 2022

If you’re worried about how the GDPR will affect your email retention, consider how email archiving solutions can help you stay compliant while also mitigating the risk of losing important personal data due to human error and malicious atta...

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Cryptocurrency: rise in cybercriminal activity and email threats

25. 01. 2022

Because cryptocurrency is accessible, easily verifiable, and publicly documented in the blockchain, it's become the cybercriminals' currency of choice and a major player in recent phishing and cyber-extortion activities. Learn how to protect your org...

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