• Guaranteed backup of e-mails before they can be deleted
  • Reliable email protection against CryptoLocker
  • Structured backup of all OneDrive & Google Drive files
  • 100% GDPR Compliant
  • Secure EU cloud storage
  • No configuration necessary.
    We do it for you!

Tamper-proof email archiving for cost-effective backup and fast recovery

With MailVault you get a cloud-based email archive for a permanent and tamper-proof backup of your emails. Secure your e-mails against CryptoLocker and malicious deletion. Relieve your IT and your budget. Employees easily recover their emails themselves. All data is intelligently stored in the archive and requires 70% less storage space than the original mail.

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Customers say with certainty:

“I recently switched to MailVault for my email archive because we are outsourcing certain IT services due to staffing needs. MailVault was configured in just 2 minutes and the employees now search the mails themselves instead of bothering the admin who would first have to provide all the backups before anyone could search and find anything!

The costs for e-mail backup have also fallen drastically thanks to intelligent storage management. In addition, we now have audit-proof and cheaper storage than with a conventional backup.”

Kurt Renz, EnergyNet GmbH

This is how you increase your IT security

All emails are archived prior to receipt and therefore cannot be deleted or tampered with. Due to the cloud-based storage in the EU, all e-mail content is protected against CryptoLocker.

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Access anytime ⎯ from anywhere

The email archive can be conveniently accessed from any end device using a web browser. Due to the cloud availability and our encrypted connection, you do not need an additional VPN tunnel.

Can be used with any email server!

MailVault Cloud Archiving is CloudReady, so it seamlessly integrates with any email system. It doesn’t matter whether you use Exchange, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Tobit or Lotus Notes.

The email archive is set up and ready to use in 2 minutes.

In addition to emails, you can optionally back up OneDrive, Teams, calendars and contacts and access 4 revision levels back.

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GDPR Compliant Email Archiving

A backup of e-mails or PST files does not meet the minimum legal requirements for an archive.

MailVault secures emails completely, permanently and tamper-proof.

100% GDPR-compliant means an audit-proof email archive, dedicated user management and a transparent audit log to log every change.

Swiss security solutions
by Savernova

For many years, Savernova has stood for Swiss security standards in the areas of backup, e-mail security and e-mail archiving. You get the latest technology at the best price.

Do you have any questions or need support? We round off our service with our high-class support team, with which you will receive fast and competent assistance.

Thanks to our international customers, we can implement specific requirements for you in a short time and are available to advise you.

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