Blog: Backup & DR

The difference between backup and archiving

21. 06. 2022

The difference between backup and archive is often misunderstood in companies. In the area of data integrity and legal regulations, both for backup and for archiving of data, there are far-reaching differences for companies. A backup includes the ACT...

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Backups are in danger!

23. 11. 2021

Companies rely on their backup files when data or infrastructure are inoperative or missing (independently from the cause) to resume the activity. The recent pandemic has been a real "game changer" for data protection and backup strategy procedures...

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Testimony: My SMB got attacked by a ransomware

28. 09. 2021

One of our clients discloses all about the cyber-attack his company suffered. Wishing to remain anonymous to preserve his company's image with his own customers, he tells us his true story, the impact the ransomware had on his business, his mistakes...

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What is a 3-2-1 backup strategy and what is it for?

24. 08. 2021

With the growing number of cyber-attacks and ransomware encrypting data and backup files, companies have no choice but to review their backup plans and implement the 3-2-1 backup strategy. The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy for full disaster protection Empl...

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