On today's SysAdminDay 2022, it's time again to thank the silent players in the company who ensure that small and large problems are solved every day and that the IT environment runs smoothly.

Test, read and read a lot

The areas of responsibility of the administrator can be so diverse that a large part of the activity is required for testing and, above all, for research. Numerous administrators inherited the role in the company many years ago and were initially involuntarily appointed IT managers. The job with the requirements of a jack of all trades demands constant further training on your own initiative. And that hasn't changed after 10 years of SysAdminDay.

Faster, quieter, better

Employees and users have certain requirements when it comes to the IT environment. And so the administrator, the hero in the background, has to react quickly, plan, implement, test and plan the go-live. The demands on business applications are also increasing. More functions, more interfaces, everything has to be linked. What makes life easier for the end user can be quite a headache for the admin in the backend.

Business as usual

So it is not surprising and it is common practice that more and more companies are using external IT service providers in order to be able to support all business processes and applications. This constellation can often be found in small and medium-sized companies in particular.


K.I.S. stands for Keep It Simple. However, the installation, maintenance and support of new applications does not necessarily have to become the number one stress factor for your IT. Cloud computing providers provide a clear remedy. On the one hand, the workload is deliberately outsourced, because the set-up and maintenance is usually carried out by the manufacturers. The IT administrator often only serves as an interface for serious problems and no longer has to worry about performance, SLAs and APIs. And are we honest? A relaxed and happy IT department now trades higher than gold.