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The cyber protection illusion of a free spam filter

08. 08. 2022

Every company that uses Microsoft 365 Standard uses Microsoft's integrated and free spam filter. This ensures that the majority of suspicious e-mails are filtered out and the inbox is not overfilled with unwanted e-mails.Only a few unsuitable e-mails...

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System Administrator Appreciation Day 2022

29. 07. 2022

On today's SysAdminDay 2022, it's time again to thank the silent players in the company who ensure that small and large problems are solved every day and that the IT environment runs smoothly. Test, read and read a lot The areas of responsibility o...

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Crime as a Service (CaaS) - Purchased crime from the web

05. 07. 2022

Cybercrime cases are on the rise. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly easier to use the services offered to carry out cyberattacks. This method is called CaaS (Crime as a service). Ready-made cybercrime? Ransomware, the word that makes the ...

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The difference between backup and archiving

21. 06. 2022

The difference between backup and archive is often misunderstood in companies. In the area of data integrity and legal regulations, both for backup and for archiving of data, there are far-reaching differences for companies. A backup includes the ACT...

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Cloud storage will replace local storage in the future

07. 06. 2022

Parallel to local installations, local storage space is also increasingly being replaced by cloud storage. Storage space is becoming cheaper and more and more companies are opting for cloud-based storage. What is cloud storage? Cloud storage is a m...

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Testimony: My SMB got attacked by a ransomware

28. 09. 2021

One of our clients discloses all about the cyber-attack his company suffered. Wishing to remain anonymous to preserve his company's image with his own customers, he tells us his true story, the impact the ransomware had on his business, his mistakes...

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