Every company that uses Microsoft 365 Standard uses Microsoft's integrated and free spam filter. This ensures that the majority of suspicious e-mails are filtered out and the inbox is not overfilled with unwanted e-mails.

Only a few unsuitable e-mails get into the mailboxes of the employees. These are mostly emails that are personally addressed and designed to bypass every filtering option of a free spam filter. Warning, it may be a manipulated email.

It is often precisely these e-mails that cause great damage and become a threat!
You have to manually check whether the sender is genuine, the content is falsified or malware was sent in the attachment.

15 different Active Defense technologies combined in our spam filter!

These include well-known manufacturers such as Sophos, Bitdefender, ClamAV, M3D & Check Point Sandblast, which screen and filter every single email like x-rays. Why are Active Defense technologies important for spam filters? 

Active Defense Technologies consist of multiple security measures and provide critical techniques to detect and stop attacks early. A key part of an active defense strategy is reducing the cost of cybersecurity and increasing the cost to attackers. For example, special honeypots are provided that specifically attract attackers so that forensic algorithms can record the attack patterns in the background and learn continuously and fully automatically. 

In order for an effective e-mail defense strategy to work, every company should also keep its e-mails separate on the network side, e.g. archive in a cloud. The e-mail archive is protected against cyberattacks and ensures access to important e-mails and files at all times. Accidental or intentional deletion is also no longer possible, since the e-mails are archived as they are received and sent.

What makes the Savernova spam filter too effective?

In cooperation with Anubisnetworks, our spam filter is cloud-based. This reduces the provision costs and the setup effort to almost zero. In addition, a permanent and consistent performance is guaranteed, which a locally installed spam filter cannot offer. In addition, 5 antivirus and anti-spam engines from well-known manufacturers such as Sophos, Bitdefender, ClamAV, M3D and Check Point Sandblast secure all e-mail traffic in parallel operation and in real time.

Self-learning algorithms use global and internal databases and thus learn fully automatically with every e-mail. New attack patterns can thus be recognized and stopped.

Full flexibility with maximum security

Based on our experience, all spam filter settings are defined as predefined best practice settings. Want to personalize settings? No problem! Decide for yourself what should happen to filtered e-mails, who is notified, receives daily reports and can view e-mails manually. Full flexibility with maximum security.