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Vulnerable businesses are the main target of cyberattacks.

Cybercrime has been up by 600% during the COVID-19 pandemic, with increasingly more sophisticated attacks, targeting not only big corporations but also health and public organisations and small exposed companies.

94% of ransomware enter companies’ network via emails and SMBs are at risk!

Mitigate human error risks of your IT security strategy by filtering emails and cyberthreats before they even enter your email server.

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Should you decide not to keep our Cloud Email Security service, email filtering automatically stops at the end of your evaluation period. (You shall change the MX record back to previous configuration.)

Why our Cloud Email Security service can help you solve your cybersecurity challenges

The most secure solution

Real-time protection against email fraud, ransomware, spam, business email compromise (BEC), spoofing, and phishing. Emails are analysed in the Cloud before they enter your email ecosystem.

Global & latest threat protection

Powerful global threat intelligence ecosystem, constantly verifying email fingerprints, network reputation, and new malware strains. Stay ahead of latest threats with sophisticated technologies, such as anti-fraud, DLP, anti-spoofing, and Sandbox analysis integration.

No changes required in current infrastructure

Zero risk to your current IT infrastructure has your current email server and network configuration do not need to be changed to enjoy the benefits of our Cloud email security service. Emails are filtered in the Cloud before they enter your mail server for the best protection.

Integration with every email system

Integrates with any email platform, including Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite, and with the most demanding network architectures.

Email Security Facts you should know

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Emails are the main gateway for cyberattacks

Cyber threats are nowadays very sophisticated, with a rise of attacks and damages to SMBs in 2020. It is essential to protect this most common attack vector!

  • 94% of malware is delivered via email (2020)
  • Phishing emails are the most successful ransomware attack (2020)
  • 80% of businesses have seen an increase in cyberattacks during Coronavirus pandemic (2020)
  • The global average cost of a data breach is 3.9 million USD (2019).

Reduce spam

Spams are not only an IT security risk to companies but it is also an unproductive way for employees to spend their time! Should employees only receive legitimate emails, security risks would be lowered and productivity increased!

  • 130 000 000 000 business emails sent every day, averaging 130 per employee, and over half of it being spam, phishing, or malware (2020)!
  • Organizations lack the visibility and actionability to mitigate hundreds of threats that arrive and leave their mailboxes every day.

2020: The year cyberattacks became the new norm

SMBs are the new easy target of cybercriminals!

Email remains the most popular infection vector for enterprises, to distribute ransomware and malware in general.


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cyberattacks target SMBs

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“We were receiving a high number of spams. The Cloud email security service allowed us to dramatically reduce this issue, as well as acted as our first protection barrier against some of the viruses that circulate via email. We now get more security, more effective control and greater transparency in the email messages we receive and we exchange with abroad.”

Sérgio Almeida
Director of Information Systems at OGMA

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