Do you value a full backup? Does it bother you when employees delete emails before they're backed up? Worst case would be if emails are not included in a backup and can be restored?

A complete and reliable backup, especially when it comes to emails and their content, is immensely important. This results in a number of pitfalls, as two customers recently reported to us with a similar problem. When trying to restore a calendar entry and an email which were urgently needed for a judicial preservation of evidence, the previously used Exchange server had to be restored. When booting, a blue screen occurred due to included AD roles.

This had to be remedied first by removing AD roles and then adding them back and reconfiguring them afterward. The time required to restore the server and email was more than 12 hours.

Perhaps you have been in a situation similar to this one? How high would the monetary expense be if you had to carry out such a project? We would like to use this example to show you 5 precise advantages of email archiving, which makes backup and recovery of emails more measurably efficient. Don't worry, you don't have to change the software of your entire productive environment.

5 advantages of email archiving

1. All emails are always available

In an audit-proof and cloud-based e-mail archive, all emails are always and permanently available. This saves you from going through a complicated and possibly incomplete recovery process should the need arise.

2. An email archive prevents malicious deletion and ransomware encryption

CryptoLocker are the nightmare of every IT and every company. Exchange servers are the gateway for CryptoLocker in over 80% of cases. But employees who are ending their employment are also an increasingly important issue if they deliberately delete important business emails. A cloud-based e-mail archive protects you from this, because all emails are reliably stored there against ransomware and malicious deletion. The emails are copied to the archive before they are received and then delivered to the user.

3. An email archive lowers your backup costs

In a comparison of backup and archive, a backup is significantly more expensive due to the high investment costs. In addition, an email archive stores emails with high deduplication and compression with up to 70% less storage space.

4. It saves your investment costs

There are no investment costs with a cloud-based email archiving solution. Storage, maintenance and users are included in the monthly price. This saves you high operating costs and also time to build up any know-how for a new software solution which is installed locally in your environment.

5. Lowers the effort for restores

Unlike a backup, which must be restored by the IT department or service provider, users can usually restore emails directly from their archive to their own mailbox. This reduces the IT effort and at the same time increases the productivity of the employees.

Our solution for you

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