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Malware Analysis (Dynamic Analysis)

As a premium feature, MPS permits enabling Dynamic Analysis. This consists of a sandbox system, able to analyse attachments in real time.

Active Engines

To activate / deactivate it, please check in/out the Sandbox Active engine.

Sender Sandbox exceptions

You can select Email addresses that will be excluded from having attachments analysed in the sandbox system. This can be due to the trust in the attachments being delivered by/to such email addresses

You can add Sender and Recipient exceptions by toggling the Inbound and Outbound scope.

To add an email address, simply write it on the field "Email" and click "+Add". To remove an existing email address, select it from the List, and click the "Remove" button.

Please note that you will be able to see the exceptions created from the scope levels above (System entries).

Savernova E-Mail Protection -  Malware Analysis Dynamic Analysis