• What does the Cloud email security service include?

    Services included by default:

    • Management console
    • Real-time reputation analysis
    • Anti-fraud enhanced phishing and spoofing detection
    • Filters in the Cloud before emails gets into your systems
    • Multi-layered protection: Sophos, ClamAV & interaction with other Avs
    • Spam waves protection
    • Hourly quarantine HTML digest
    • User report

    Optional additional services:

    • Our technicians can install and configure it for you
  • Can I be invoiced yearly?

    Yes. Our Cloud email security service is invoiced on yearly basis.

  • What is the minimum licence I can get?

    Our Cloud email security service has a minimum of 5 mailboxes. You do not have to use all 5 mailboxes but will be invoiced for this amount.

  • What is the maximum licence I can get?

    The number is unlimited. Several large ISPs are using similar service, and we are happy to extend the same technology and benefits to SMBs.

  • How is the licencing working for your Cloud email security service?

    Licence is per mailbox.

  • What is a mailbox for your licencing?

    One mailbox covers all domains as long as the first part of the email address is identical (Multiple domains per person), for example John.Doe@domain1.eu, John.Doe@domain2.eu, John.Doe@domain3.com requires only one mailbox.

    When you have multiple email addresses per person, several licences/users are needed when the first part of the email address is not identical, for example 3 licences are required for John.Doe@domain1.eu, John.D@domain1.eu, J.Doe@domain1.eu.

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