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E-mails cannot be manipulated and deleted

By connecting the Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace API and our journal mailbox, e-mails are saved directly to the archive before they are received, unlike with a backup.

Email deletion
Restore emails

Employees can restore emails themselves

With the option of uncomplicated 2-click recovery of your own e-mails by the user, you demonstrably relieve your IT and shorten recovery times.

The solution for all email servers

  • Works with all standards-based email servers
  • MS Exchange, Microsoft 365, Google Apps (including Free Version), Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail, etc.
  • Archiving of emails, files, calendars and contacts.
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Reduce your storage needs

  • Up to 70% less storage footprint through deduplication and compression
  • Encryption method according to military security regulations

Accurate search results in seconds

  • Free text search throughout message body and headers (Google similar search)
  • Combined search queries within an existing search
  • Over 15 different filter options
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Optimized eDiscovery for archives

Email queue during archive or datastore maintenance

Convenient user management

  • Easily add single or multiple users
  • Bulk import of users from CSV files, Active Directory, LDAP, etc.
  • Welcome email with user account activation

Structured directory creation

  • Automatically creates an organizational directory from the emails
  • Automatically creates a people directory from the emails
  • Instant search in directory entries (organizations and people)

Organized administration

  • Supports user rights with multiple roles
  • Authorization and access is based on user role
  • Subadministration roles for shared responsibilities and to prevent unauthorized access "snooping"

Maximum transparency and control

  • Automated logging
  • Daily summary of system activity for the administrator
  • Monitor email usage and trends

This is how you avoid government fines

  • The archives are stored in a data center in Europe
  • Auditable administrator and user activity logs
  • Flexible retention policies for different emails
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