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  • What services are included in Mailvault archive?

    Services included by default:

    • Access to archives, searches and email recovery for the number of mailboxes you have purchased.

    • 15 GB storage space per mailbox.

      When you purchase cloud email archiving for 50 mailboxes, you get a total of 750 GB of standard storage that can be used for all 50 mailboxes.

    • Access for each employee to search and recover their own email

    • Access to training materials for employees

    • Installation guide and all the necessary information to configure your email server for archiving with our cloud service, including enabling journaling and migrating from other email archiving solutions.

    • Central cloud console for email retention settings

    Optional additional services:

    • Our technicians configure the basic setup, including journaling.

    • Our technicians migrate your system from another email archiving solution to our cloud services.

    • Additional storage space

    • Specific requirements and technical support outside the cloud

    • Downloading the archive data

  • When do I need to pay the bill?

    Billing for the annual term takes place monthly.

  • Is there a minimum purchase quantity for mailboxes?

    The minimum is 5 mailboxes.

  • How are pool mailboxes calculated?

    If you want to archive a pool mailbox, it will be calculated like a normal mailbox (see above).

  • Do I need to pay for inactive mailboxes?

    Inactive mailboxes are not charged. E-mail addresses from which no e-mail has been sent for more than 60 days are considered "inactive".

  • Can I add more mailboxes afterwards?

    Yes, you can easily add additional mailboxes. The new mailboxes will be charged with the next monthly bill.

  • Why do other Competetors offer more storage space per mailbox?

    Our unique high deduplication and compression is applied for the complete storage of all Mailbox. With this method we can save up to 70% in data size. We pass this advantage on to our customers, since less storage means lower costs.

  • Are the archived files backed up?

    A backup of the stored data is not necessary thanks to the high availability of our data storage of 99.9999999999%. In addition, 3 replicas of the files are kept. This gives you maximum availability and keep your costs low.

  • What happens if the storage space is exceeded?

    The storage space is expanded fully automatically in the background. If the threshold is exceeded, an additional 100 GB of storage space is automatically booked for the entire storage pool and charged at €4.65 (excl. VAT) with the next bill.

  • Can I import email archives from another solution into Mailvault?

    Yes, as long as the data is not in a manufacturer-specific and encrypted format, this is possible. All files from open formats such as .eml or .pst and others can be imported.

  • Do you have more questions?

    If you have further questions, please send us an email or book an online appointment with one of our sales representatives.