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How to use your unique password card?

All users need to do is to define a 1 starting column and a single personal reading method 2 single personal reading method

The reading method, or reading path, is essentially a pattern enabling the user to generate as many passwords as needed (6 to the right on the example aside) which you apply to a starting point.

Complete your passwords with the 3 secure code

Each card is unique! Our secure passwords method cards cannot be cracked even by the very latest hacking techniques. Losing the cards is also not a security problem: without the personal reading method it is useless.

Starting point

For each line of the password card, you get the starting point of a password, combining it with your chosen starting column.

On the free paper password card, write down the different account on the right side of the corresponding line. On the PVC password card, write down your different accounts and logins at the back of the card.

Example on how to use your password card

Starting column is: M - Reading method is: 6 right – Secure code is: &4

  • Google Account starting point is M1. Using the example card, your Google password is 5JRt9f&4
  • Should your Amazon login starting point be M3, your Amazon password would be: pFfCgc&4
  • Backup password starting point is M11, password is: hpZwA7&4

Your reading method = your passwords’ security

The more complex is your reading method, the more secure are your accounts. Indeed, we recommend you not to choose 6 to the right as in the example above, but something more complicated such as: 7 left, 5 diagonals going down towards the right and 2 up. Or it can be a shape you can easily remember like your initial, an animal shape, etc… Password method ideas as endless.

Change your passwords at any time

Still using the same password card, you can decide to change reading method when you wish to renew your accounts’ / logins’ passwords. We recommend you to renew passwords once a year at the minimum, more if possible.

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Manage several login details with one password card

You do not want to remember login details for all your logins and secure areas? Add the different login information on the top part of the card to privilege usability.

  • You can add up to 9 different usernames on the free paper card, at the top of the card.
  • Next to each account purpose, on each line of the password card, write down the corresponding username number. E.g. On line 1, to access your Google account, your username is: and your password is: 5JRt9f&4
Password card explanation - usernames
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  • What is the Savernova password card?

    The Savernova password method card combines simplicity and optimal security and enables to generate long, complex—and therefore secure—passwords very easily without the worry of remembering them.

    We provide FREE paper card and durable PVC card in the shape of credit card. Paper card has randomly generated content. Each PVC card is unique with specific ID. There is no other card with the same content.

  • What is the starting column?

    Select and remember your starting column. From that starting column you will apply all your passwords with your reading method.

  • What is and how to create the reading method?

    The reading method is essentially a pattern enabling the user to generate passwords from the card.

    Be creative with your reading method! More creative and longer method means more secure passwords.

    Security HINT: Get your reading method, don’t copy ours.
  • What is the secure code?

    If your password requires digits, add secure code from the bottom of the card.

    Security HINT: You can create and remember your personal secure code. That way you can even improve security of your password.
  • How many passwords can be on one card?

    You can read one password from every line starting from your starting column, In case you need more passwords, print new FREE paper card or buy more PVC cards.

  • Do you have backup of my card?

    No. We don’t store any cards from the security reasons.

    Security HINT: Print backup of your card several times and delete card document or save it on external USB disk. Do not make a digital photo of your card. Keep different copies in the different locations.
  • What happens when you get to the end of the card?

    In case you pick your starting column at the end of the card or you are getting to the end of the card, it’s possible your reading method goes over the edge of the card. No worries, on the attached images you can see how to solve it. It’s pretty intuitive, right?

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