Unique password method cards

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Ransomware-safe passwords

  • Password method cards keep passwords safe from ransomware attacks and prevent cybercriminals from taking control of your different logins and accounts.
  • Each card is 100% unique (no 2 of them exist in the world) and allows you to generate multiple passwords using your own password method, only known by yourself.
  • Thanks to your unique password method, Savernova card cannot be used by anyone else but you, even if you lose it!
  • Generate series of unlimited passwords which only YOU know the password combination!
  • PVC cards:

    No digitalise version exist, making it extremely secure and cybercrime-proof! No computer, mobile or any digital method can access it at any time!

    In plastic material, cards do not wear out, they resist coffee spilt, water damage, washing machines (we did try it) and their size fits perfectly your wallet or purse. Physical Savernova secure password method cards are the safest way to generate and save passwords nowadays!

  • Paper cards:

    Download and print them from another PC to never have a digital version on your day-to-day computer nor on the network, meaning for an extremely high security.

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How it works
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  • PVC cards
  • 10 cards - 50 €
    1000 cards - 2000 €
  • Excludes shipping and VAT
  • IT Reseller discount available for 1000 cards
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