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Messages Insights

Message Insights is a sandbox system for testing newly created rules and filters.

We have singled out the Anti-fraud settings around Phishing and Spoofing, enabling a user to, for instance, observe the emails that would be caught if a configuration of FROM different from Reply To and if a SPF/DKIM authentication was failing.

  1. You must select which of the filters you want to test – Phishing or Spoofing, at the Filter dropdown;
  2. The available options will show up on the left, as tick boxes. Please note that each tick-box on an Anti-fraud setting will filter the messages that would be caught in a combination of activated settings;
  3. You can configure the start and end date of the message set;
  4. You will then need to click to Simulate.

You can clear the filters and restart the search.

Anubis - Message insights