Facts are that ransomware attacks have increased in 2021 compared to last year. 

Cyber-criminals spare no one: from small companies to big corporate, they take advantage of any system failure, impersonate your bank or your boss, use compassion or any other clever techniques to push employees to click on wrong links or open trusted lookalike attachments.

This is a reality every one need to face, sooner than later!

2021 ransomware attacks vs 2020

Better safe than sorry

Scary but true 2021 ransomware facts


of ransomware enter by emails


of employees clicked on infected email attachments


of infected business PCs are re-infected within the year


of SMBs have falled victim of attack

21 days

average downtime after ransomware attack

Remove threats BEFORE they reach your emails

Emails are all inspected by multiple independent engines & filters

Several layers of security used to be recommended: nowadays, it's a must!

  • Infected emails are automatically removed

    Emails go through 5 different antivirus engines (Sophos, BitDefender, CheckPoint, ClamAV, M3D) scanning for malware, as well as are checked for reputation, well-know malicious IP filters, black and white security lists, Zero day, antifraud, spamwave and many other filters.

    Our own heuristic engine learns from others to protect your emails and can predict future pernicious email behaviour.

    European-based language attacks are also taken care of thanks to our location.

  • Suspicious spams go to quarantine
    To have good security, you must have multi-layer, not just trust one brand and turn a blind eye ...

Stress-free & Transparent

Smoothless integration with your current systems, even with limited technical knowledge and time.

  • We implement it for you
    Our technicians set it all remotely at your most convenient time.
  • Set & forget
    Bad emails are blocked in our service before they enter your network. You don't need to do anything but will enjoy cleaner mailboxes straight away!
  • Customise it all
    Technically-savvy professionals can customise every filtering aspect of the service.
  • Choose who can retrieve quarantined emails
    Reports can automatically be emailed to employees when items are in quarantine and give them the right to retrieve them in seconds.
  • Control blocked attacks
    Verify the reasons emails are blocked (without the possibility to open them) and to see with ransomware tried to enter your company.
  • Simplify legal governance
    Maintain full control of your email in a transparent way.


All size companies can benefit from our Cloud email security service from 1.50€ + IVA per mailbox per month.

You can complete your email protection with email archiving too.

Check our plans below.


per mailbox monthly> 100 mailboxes? Get a quote


per mailbox monthly> 100 mailboxes? Get a quote

Eliminate Email Threats

Protect against cyberattacks
Use 5 different antivirus engine for extra multi-layered protection
Remove threats BEFORE they penetrate your email ecosystem
Block emails with infected content, including URLs and attachments
Self-learning cyber protection
Anti-fraud engines
Additional sandbox Optional Optional
Reduce spam
Protect against spam waves
Verify email fingerprints, domain reputation, new malware strains
Automated quarantine report for spam-like emails
IT admin can allow users to retrieve their quarantine emails

Cloud Email Archiving & Email Recovery

Archive all emails BEFORE they are distributed
Archives cannot be modified
Archive emails after email threat protection filtering for smaller and cleaner archives
Google-like search via web-browser
Search in email body, subject and attachments
Search within search results
Find deleted emails


Free service setup
No hardware investment
European Cloud
Data is saved in a secondary European location
Web-based management of services

Works with all Cloud and On-Premise mail servers