Learn how to protect your company and most valuable files and configurations 365/24/7 from ransomware attacks such as CryptoLocker and make sure you never have to pay a single penny or bitcoin to recover your data.

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Cyberthreats have found extended opportunities to increase cyberattacks and spread impacts of ransomware with the Covid-19 pandemic

400 %
scam increase
in March 2020?

18 million
daily malware and phishing emails in April reported by Google

taken down fake online shops in the UK

Instead of targeting home-users, 2020 is a shift to hijacking SMBs’ data, as well as larger enterprises, including governmental health institutions!

Paying is not a solution!

It only feeds cyber-activities, and you are not even sure to recover all data. You also expose your company to even more future vulnerabilities.

Long downtime is no longer acceptable
Protect your assets now

Don’t expose your company’s data to a danger! Take measures now and protect your life income now!

From protecting backup files to emails and IT infrastructure, we give you all unavoidable 7 tips to protect against ransomware attacks such as CryptoLocker for your SMB.

Don’t wait until your files are already encrypted, act now!

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