The Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is an important part of Business Continuity, and businesses without one are subject to sanction up to 4% turnover or €20million, whichever is greater under article 32 of GDPR.

DRP does not only provide a procedure to recover data and systems in case of disaster, but it also includes the company’s business continuity goals, it lists the tools and plans that have been made to get the company working asap in case of IT emergency and it ensures the efficient handover of precious information should the IT professional be sick, on holiday or moving on.

The conception of a written DR Plan document is the perfect opportunity to match company’s goals with IT tools, services and procedures. It is also a powerful instrument for IT professionals to obtain IT budgets that will meet business continuity goals.

This document can be used by IT Service providers, IT Resellers / VARs or end user companies to create a customised DRP document in 4 steps.

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