Secure Passwords, Easily Remembered.

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No More Circulating Of Confidential User Login Data.

Experts always recommend using passwords consisting of a long combination of letters and numbers and changing one’s passwords regularly. The problem in everyday life is that users find themselves having to remember too many different passwords. It simply becomes impossible to apply even the most basic security rules.

As a result, most users simply use the same easy-to-remember password everywhere (e.g. a pet’s name, husband or wife’s pet name or child’s birthday). Passwords like these are easily guessed or obtained by spyware programmes, with which hackers can do great damage.

The Savernova password card solves all problems at once. The Savernova PWcard combines simplicity and optimal security and enables to generate long, complex—and therefore secure—passwords very easily without the worry of remembering them.

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How to use your personalised unique password card?

All the user needs to do is define a single personal reading method to use each time consisting of a starting point and a reading path. The reading method is essentially a pattern enabling the user to generate as many passwords as needed. These secure passwords cannot be cracked even by the very latest hacking techniques; nor is it a problem if the user loses the card: without the personal reading method it is useless.

Each card is unique and is directly generated online. The card can be printed at any time with any printer on regular A4 paper.

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