Email archiving storage


  • Archive all internal, incoming, outgoing emails with multi-domain support.
  • Supports most common on-premise email servers.
  • Supports most common Cloud email servers.
  • Multi-protocol support: POP3, IMAP, SMTP.
  • Archive emails from multi-mailbox formats: mbox, maildir, eml files, etc.
  • Archive from numerous mail clients (Outlook, Thunderbird, etc).
  • Flexible retention policy: choose how long you wish to keep archived emails depending on your criteria and policy.
Search archived emails


  • 2 types of searches: simple like in Google, or advanced with logical AND and OR criteria.
  • Explore complete emails including subject, body, and most common attachments: .doc, .xlsx, .ppt, .html, .pdf, text files.
  • Inspect within search results to help finding the required email.
  • Searches can be saved for later.
  • Each user can search through their own archived emails.
Retrieve archived emails


  • Restore emails independently of the date, email id and user.
  • Forward found emails with today’s date or as its initial sent date.
  • Possibility to zip recovered emails.
  • Each user can restore its own emails and MailVault admin can restore emails from everyone.
  • Multi-mode restore available.
    • Direct restore via built-in POP3 server.
    • Forward via SMTP server.
    • Retrieve email from any search result set (via SMTP, POP3).
    • Access archived email from within an email client (over IMAP).
Easy management of archives and users

Archive & User management

  • Archive management
    • Secondary storage facility, with automatic incremental backups and primary archive retention policy.
    • Filters out unwanted email.
    • Email holding queue during archive or storage maintenance.
  • User management
    • Import all users from ActiveDirectory, LDAP, CSV file or create new users manually.
    • Supports multiple email IDs per user.
    • Diverse user roles with related privileges: admin, subadmin, reviewer, user.
    • Possibility to send a welcome email to users when the user role is activated.
Compliance ready email archiving solution

Compliance ready

  • Keep emails for several years and retrieve them easily.
  • “Reviewer” mode for auditing people to search through the archive with their activity recorded and visible by the MailVault admin.
  • Each user can only search and recover its own emails.
  • Flexible retention policies to keep invoices for more years for example.
Other MailVault email archiving features


  • Reports
    • Track all MailVault activities.
    • Monitor email flows and trends.
    • Storage report.
  • Alerts
    • Low disk space.
    • Daily activity summary for the admin and optional self-usage of emails when user role is activated.