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How to best protect your company's data?

Actiphy Backup and Disaster Recovery solution adapts to all IT infrastructures. 1 solution for all:

  • Virtual and physical machines,
  • Windows and Linux systems,
  • SMB and large businesses.

You cannot control the uncontrollable, but you can prepare for any time of business disaster and protect your company's data!

Be DisasterReady!

  • Automated sector-based and file-base backups
    • Sector-based backups to keep a copy of entire machines, including files, programs, applications, configurations.
    • File-based backups to simply save file and folder information.
    • Schedule automatic backups every day, every hour or even every 5 minutes. The smaller interval between backups, the less data loss will happen in case of a disaster.
  • Store backups anywhere: onsite, in the Cloud, on LTO tapes...

    Implement the Backup strategy to best suit your needs, infrastructure and budget. 

    We recommend at least a 3-2-1 backup strategy, but you are the one in control:

    • Store backup files onsite, on a NAS, SAN...
    • Backup systems directly to Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure or any SFTP server.
    • Isolate backups on LTO tape support.
    • Replicate backup chain as many times as you want to duplicate restore options and data security.
  • Control storage space requirements

    Storage is expensive, and we help you to control it:

    • Smart Sector technology: only backs up used sectors on a disk.
    • 3 level deduplication and compression: significantly reduce backup volumes across your systems with no impact on backup processing time.
  • Instant availability to limit downtime
    • Use iSCSI targets and NFS exports to emulate backup images as virtual disk files for flexible and immediate recovery or migration.
    • Boot backup images instantly: convert a physical machine to a VM in real-time and bypasses lengthy and cumbersome conversion process, Boot backups as a virtual machine in minimal time.
  • Full state recovery: onsite & in the Cloud
    • Restore backups from any locations to any locations. Flexible P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P options
    • Restore also directly a virtual machine within the same cloud environment you have created your backups.
  • Backup tests

    Testing if backups files are valid and will work the day you need them (on a disaster day) is fundamental to any Disaster Recovery Plan.

    We recommend to set up notification on failure only:

    • Test backup files are bootable! This can be done automatically: once a day for example, the tool automatically boot the latest backup file in a VM like if you were to restore it. This is done in the background.
    • Check backup chain (in)consistency.
    • Verify backup creation (you don't want the storage device to be full).
    • Monitor backups in real-time.
  • Backup Monitoring web console

    Check backup files from multiple machines in a central web-based location. You can therefore know your backup strategy is getting executed just check Actiphy Portal Service webtool at any time from anywhere.

    This web console is also a great advantage for Managed Service Providers and resellers who want to monitor clients' backup files from a central place.

  • Agent and agentless
    • Agentless backups are ideal to backup virtual machines on Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware ESXi. The advantage is that do you not need to push-install our agent on each VM to protect and that you can control all backups from a central location.
    • Agent-based backups are perfect for companies who have physical servers or desktops / laptops to protect, as well as for virtual machines that are on other hypervisors than MS Hyper-V and VMware ESXi, such as Citrix Xen, VirtualBox, or other platforms not supported by agentless backups.
  • Windows and Linux system protection

    Same interface for both Windows and Linux machines and less technically to learn Automated backups and fast recovery are available for both environment, even if a few minor features may vary.

“We have worked with Acronis, StorageCraft, Veeam and have switched to ActiveImage Protector initially for the business terms offers to IT channel partners but I am now committed to this solution for the unconditional support we have received. Actiphy’s support team are real Backup & DR experts, with real life experience and a brain to sort any possible issues a technician can ran into.”

“We have installed Actiphy backup solutions at more than 60 clients over the last years and never ran into major issues. Support and Sales teams are always there to assist our technicians for pre and post-sales questions.”

“Best backup speed even when the deduplication compression is enabled, out of the many solutions we have tested and used.
ActiveImage Protector is the backup and DR solution for and chosen by our technicians! ”

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