Frequent recovery point objectives

RPO: 5 minutes

  • Exact state backup: includes all data, systems, programs, applications and configurations of the protected machine.
  • Backup databases with no extra agents
    • ActiveImage Protector for Windows runs consistent backups VSS-based applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SharePoint…
    • ActiveImage Protector for Linux runs consistent MySQL backups.
  • Incrementals every 5 minutes or more.
  • Deduplication: 3 options.
  • Encryption.
  • In parallel to backup tasks, possibility to create snapshots to use for instant restore (VMDK / VHDX or NetJapan proprietary format).
Flexible recovery time objective

Flexible restore and virtualisation options
RTO: 2 minutes

  • Recover files and folders in seconds by mounting backup files as virtual drive
  • Run virtual standby machines ready to be booted in 2 minutes in VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V using vStandby instant availability feature.
  • Easy failover in 2 minutes in a VMware or Hyper-V using ImageBoot feature – so intuitive that event people who are not familiar with virtual environments can get it to work!
  • Bare Metal Recovery: flexible system recovery and migration tool from / to any physical or virtual machine (P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P).
  • Restore to same size, bigger or smaller partition with the shrink feature.
  • Virtualise backup files to VMDX and VMDK in 3 clicks.

Backup testing

  • BootCheck: automatically tests backup files can be booted.
  • ImageBoot: manually boot backup files in VMware, VirtualBox or Microsoft Hyper-V in 2 minutes. Can also be used to create test environments.
Unlimited backup replication to onsite, offsite and cloud targets

Replication to unlimited locations: Onsite / Offsite / Cloud

  • Use ImageCenter to replicate backup files
  • Possibility to send the full backup physically and to only replicate incrementals over the Internet.
Manage all backup agents from centralised console


  • Remote host connection
  • Client management console
  • Push installation
Monitoring console for your backups

Monitoring console

With free ActiveVisor add-on.

Automatically eject RDX drives after backup creation

Automatically eject RDX drive on completion


IT Technician restore & migration toolbox

ActiveImage Protector IT Pro version allows technicians to backup, restore, migrate and virtualise as many systems as desire.