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Search Criteria

The search query can consist single words, multiple words and phrases. In addition, these can be combined with special operators. This can be better explained with a few examples.


You can use this area to address specific email fields directly. "Anywhere" includes all fields from the list. For example, if you are only looking for specific senders or subject lines, you can use these fields to restrict the search results in advance.

Search: Mail

To find messages that contain the exact word “Mail” (not the wording E-Mails, Mailings, Mailvault, etc.).

Search: Mail archiv

To find messages that contain the word "Mail" OR the word "Archiv".

Note that when entering multiple words separated by spaces, the default behavior is to match documents that contain any of the words.

Search: Mail AND Archiv

To find messages that contain the word "Mail" AND the word "Archiv".

Search: Mail*

Um Nachrichten zu finden, die E-Mails, E-Mails, Mailing usw. enthalten.

Search: Mail?

To find messages that contain email and mail, but not mailing.

Please note that you "?" or you cannot use "*" as the first character of any word in your search query. This leads to an "invalid query syntax" message.

Search: Archiv* NOT Savernova

To find messages that talk about email archiving that don't mention Savernova.