MailVault email archiving supports all major mail servers

Supports all major mail servers

Suits Windows & Linux on-premises and cloud-based email servers, including Office 365, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail, Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes, Google Apps, etc.

Simple effortless email archiving solution

Simple & effortless solution

  • Easy install and setup
    • Windows and Linux installer
    • Text-only mode for easy deploys to headless / remote / cloud servers
  • Intuitive usage
    • Google-like quick search, and intuitive advanced search.
    • Restore the email by forwarding it as today’s date or as original date.
Attractive pricing of MailVault email archiving solutions

Price is attractive!

Both for clients and channel partners including service providers.

Find out how much it costs.

MailVault email archiving licencing starts with 5 users

Starts with 5 users

Small companies do not have to pay for what they won’t use!

Easier to convince SMBs with email archiving licence starting at 5 users.

Users can restore their own emails via web interface

Users can restore their own emails over the web!

Web-based powerful searches & email restore allowing each user to find emails in seconds across multiple years even when the archive contains millions of items.

Email archiving for Service Providers

Service Providers Edition available

Managed Service Providers can offer archiving and eDiscovery as a service.

Try MailVault SPE

Archiving emails reduce storage costs

Reduces mail storage costs

On premises and in the Cloud with single-instance storage, email deduplication and compression.

Email archiving increases productivity

Reinforce productivity

  • Archiving and storage are performed on a separate instance.
  • Email servers can run their core functions.
  • Administrators don’t need to spend time searching emails for others: users can self-search and self-restore.
Email archiving is required by law

Archiving is an obligation

Many companies still have not implemented an email archiving solution. This is however requested by law and companies should comply with the legislation.

This is an opportunity for Resellers and IT providers!

At Savernova, we help you to explain your clients why archiving is so important and why email archiving is different to backups. Education is key and we are there to accompany you in this task!