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Main Features

Secure Office

How does it work? The secure office allows you to create and edit Microsoft Word and Excel documents directly inside your DepositBox without leaving a trace on your local machine. A feature that is particularly useful when sharing or even editing files in a group, allowing you to open and modify a Word or Excel file inside DepositBox without having to decrypt it.


DepositBox is an easy-to-use digital safe that allows you to securely share and modify your documents with members of a team. With DepositBox you can share or create a Workspace, add the documents you want to share and then invite other DepositBox members to join.

It’s easy; in one click you can invite your colleagues to join a Workspace where everyone has access to only the files in that Workspace. Members can easily modify existing files or add new ones to the Workspace.


With DepositBox, sharing files with external contacts who may or may not already using DepositBox is simple and easy, while also keeping your content protected at every stage of the process.

Simply click the Share button inside DepositBox to automatically create an email with a link to the file you want to share, you can also add a personal message and a password. To guarantee security, DepositBox does not send the password via email, we recommend users send the password separately themselves either by telephone or via a text message.

Additional Share options include a time limit on the shared file, the number of times it can be accessed, and even if the recipient can save the file locally.

The recipient can choose from three options, depending on the permissions allowed when sharing. These include; decrypting the file and saving it to their desktop, saving it in their own DepositBox or simply using the secure viewer option to read the document without decrypting it.

Activity Log

DepositBox’s Activity Logo allows you to monitor your data and see what’s happening in your account and what’s being shared, including in your different groups.
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