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Ensure the confidentality
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What is DepositBox?
The most secure way to store and share your data.
100% secure
DepositBox stores your files in a Swiss data centre, securing it with AES256 encryption.
How can I get it?
Get 20 MB for free. Upgrade your account at any time to get more storage space.

What is DepositBox

DepositBox is a digital safe that allows you to encrypt and share your most sensitive data safely.

Many companies tolerate the use of cloud services while also condemning the insecurity of these systems. DepositBox offers a safer alternative; we encrypt your data with AES 256 bit encryption before transmitting it to our secure Swiss Data Center.

In addition to this security we also add increased flexibility; you can share your files and even create workspaces for multiple users. DepositBox is web based, so if your computer should fail, you can always retrieve your files on another machine.

100% Secure

DepositBox allows you to encrypt your personal data in order to make it completely invisible, this security is provided using 256 bit AES encryption. As a 100% Swiss company, DepositBox allows you to store and share all your documents without having to worry about the security of your data.
DepositBox is a cloud storage provider offering a premium service with the highest possible levels of security and privacy. DepositBox supports both Windows and Mac, enabling you to use it for personal needs or as part of a group sharing sensitive documents.
Your data are encrypted locally and stays encrypted on our servers. As our Datacentre is located in Switzerland, it is not subject to the invasive laws of other countries such as the US Patriot Act or other governmental restrictions.
Your data is accessible by you alone. Confidentiality is guaranteed thanks to a password which only you ever have access to. It’s so secure, your password is never transmitted to DepositBox. But make sure you keep it safe, if ever you forget your password you will not be able to retrieve or decrypt your encrypted data again.
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